1717:  First known attempts to unify various Druid groups in England

1781:   Foundation of the Ancient Order of Druids (AOD)  in England:  Henry Hurle

1857:  The United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD) USA approaches British Orders to consider an amalgamation of all Druid societies throughout the world

1861:  efforts to reunify AOD / UAOD England failed

1906:  H. Fricke, UAOD Germany, succeeds in arranging a meeting with UAOD England at Hull

1908:  Foundation of the International Grand Lodge of Druidism at Munich with representatives from England, USA and Germany

1913:  Under the presidency of  F. Askew (England) and with H. Fricke, Germany, as Vice-President a representative gathering of delegates from the  Druid Orders of the world takes place in London. Australia, Sweden and New Zealand are present. Arrangements concluded for meeting in  conference every five years. Interruption by World War I. Continued  1923.

1949:   After World War II congress activities continue at Malmoe / Sweden. Denmark joins IGLD.

1955:   Membership Norway

1976:   Switzerland integrated

1996:   UAOD Norway charters 1st Druid Lodge in Reykjavik / Iceland

2001:   First UAOD Lodge in Finland chartered by UAOD Sweden

2004:   25th IGLD World Congress at Hamar / Norway. Revision of Constitution

2008:  IGLD`s Centenary at Munich. Membership UAOD Iceland

2012:   UAOD Denmark arranged World Congress in Copenhagen

2016:   IGLD 28. World Congress, New Zealand